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Hmmmm. I live on the north coast of America, but grew up outside of New York City. I am probably the only one on the board who has had some help from the Ghosts getting to Las Vegas. That is - I wrote a book on the darker side of our local history, and the royalties go into my savings fund for Vegas trips! I love cats and am owned by one, I love dogs when they are owned by other people, and of course Im crazy about Vegas. I am a total Vegas tourist though - I love the gambling, I love the spas, I love the sights, I love the restaurants, and I love the shows. And the drinks aren't bad, either! So far the tourist appeal has not worn off. There are lots of places within a 2 hour drive from home I can gamble, but they are NOT Vegas.

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    SO cute! I love snowglobes. The worst thing I ever heard about TSA was when they confiscated souvenir snowglobes from tourist because of the liquids. Anyway = Merry Christmas to you too!
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    What is the title of your book? I have a Spiritualist friend in Rochester and a grandmother who was a medium in Buffalo and often at Lilydale in the old times. I enjoyed Hans Holtzer's books in my youth.


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    Hi Dewey My book is "Ghost Walk: Chilling Tales from Rochester's Past." You can read about it at my organization's website: I hope sending you this message is not breaking the no commercial stuff rule of the site - but then, landmark society is a nonprofit! (If by some chance you decide to get a copy, look under staff links for Cindy Boyer and email me if you want a signed copy)